Elgin Energy is a leading international and independent solar+storage development platform

We are committed to and working towards a zero-carbon future

As of 2021, Elgin Energy has successfully delivered 230MW of solar energy across 21 projects in the UK, providing the equivalent of 75,000 homes with clean energy annually. A further 6GW solar + 3GW storage projects are at late stages of development across the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

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Economical, Environmental and Social Benefits of Solar PV


Socio-economic Benefits

–Solar PV can be developed and installed faster than any other renewable with a typical construction period of 3 – 4 months.

–Solar has a very predictable energy curve as it produces electricity during daylight hours.

–Landowners can benefit from a stable, long-term income.

–Solar development facilitates dual-usage of land as sheep can continue to graze between panels.

–Solar farms can use the existing grid infrastructure and do not require major grid reinforcements.

–Solar developments are easily screened using existing or new hedgerows.

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Environmental Advantages

–Solar energy provides electricity without emitting greenhouse gases or air pollutants

–Solar farms will assist in the reduction of CO2 emissions and reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels

–Solar is clean, quiet, and visually unobtrusive

–The passive environment around solar farms is an appealing habitat to a variety of wildlife and has been proven to enhance biodiversity

–Solar energy does not require the input of external fuel and therefore supports national energy independence.

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Solar PV is now the fastest growing, and easiest to deploy, renewable energy globally. 

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