The success of the Elgin business to-date is attributable to the performance of our dynamic team whose extensive experience in all aspects of solar farm development is helping to deliver a pipeline of 1GW of solar projects across the UK and Ireland.

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The Elgin team boasts a variety of experience and knowledge across the renewable, engineering, finance and legal sectors. Our team is versatile, professional and excel in all aspects of project delivery including;

Technical & Engineering

Our engineers manage the grid connection process and  identify appropriate site locations for efficient power generation. They also finalise site layout, access and solar design.

Legal and Financial

Our in-house team are involved in all aspects the business. They have well established relationships with landowners, financiers, insurers, manufacturers and legal specialists to ensure the best arangements for each project.


We have experienced professionals who manage the procurement of land, grid connection, planning approval and equipment while managing all compliance issues.

Health, Safety, Quality and Environment

Our experienced personnel utilise best practice on all our operations ensuring that our projects are safe, low impact developments providing sustainable and renewable electricity generation.



We believe in applying the highest standards of integrity to all our relationships and every aspect of our business to ensure that we develop the trust that is needed to work together effectively. At Elgin Energy, we engage with multiple stakeholders. Landowners, investors, host communities, policy makers, regulators and supply-chain companies are all integral to our operations.


Our business begins with a respect for the environment which engenders trust in those we work with. We carry that respect through all our collaborations with suppliers, landowners and neighbours to build a business that can earn the trust of all our partners to create effective working relationships.


At Elgin, we are proud to be part of an endeavour that is improving our environment and the societies in which we live. That is why we are enthusiastic about our work. We are positive about the contribution we are making and optimistic about the future.


At Elgin, we recognise that our venture is long-term and we are committed to developing and managing our assets in a sustainable manner that minimises impact on the environment for the long-term benefit of the communities in which we operate, the wider environment and the future generations.


By harnessing solar energy, we can effect tangible and beneficial societal change.

Elgin takes a long-term view on solar and believes that the market for electricity generation is moving inevitably towards a low carbon future, which when combined with its sustainability credentials will make it an obvious choice for electricity generation. Elgin is working to ensure we are at the forefront of this energy revolution.

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  • Ronan Kilduff

    Managing Director

  • Tony Kilduff


  • Joe Walsh

    Financial Director

  • Colm Murphy

    Technical Director